A Series of Unfortunate Events

It all started with a birthday party invitation my daughter got on Wednesday or Thursday.  She was invited to this party in a town 150-km away at a fancy hotel (the girls are 6 & 7 years old).  She’d been sitting with the birthday-girl all week and talking about this amazing party that was being planned, so how could I say no?  So I said sure, but I’ll drive you because I don’t know the family yet.

So, since I’m going to Town B I have to pass through Town A, which is where my district resource office is.  It was being opened for Saturday, and I needed a few things from Walmart, so I decided to stop there for an hour and see what was what.  I need some teaching resources for my class.  Well, unfortunate event #1…I wrote down the wrong address and couldn”t find the place.  A little frustrated we continued on our way to Town C.

We got to Town C fine, and found the hotel.  Got my daughter joined up with the party.  I’d booked a room for my son and I to stay in overnight.  I thought it would be a nice treat then we’d all go home early in the morning so I could get my prep work done for the week.  While we were waiting to check in I wanted to go to a toy store that was supposed to have some teacher supplies.  Unfortunate event #2, when trying to turn around  in a parking lot I ran over a curb (the kind that separates parking stalls that face each other).  The car seemed ok, so I wasn’t worried.

Fortunately we found the store.  Unfortunately, they had no teacher supplies because they changed owners.  Fortunately they had a sale so we picked up some cool dot-to-dot books.  Having purchased a few things we decided to go to the ice festival being held in town.  It was still very cold, -29 or so.  I parked the car for about 20 min while we looked at the sculptures and had a slide on the ice slides.  Unfortunately, when we returned to the car it would not start.  Fortunately there were lots of people around.  Unfortunately the guy I asked for help knew nothing about cars.  Fortunately, another guy did and called over his buddy who was a mechanic.  He hit our gas tank a few times and fortunately the car started.  I filled up with gas, and put in more anti-freeze gas stuff.

Unfortunately I had to turn the car off for the night and unfortunately it would not start this morning.  Fortunately, my dad bought me a BCAA membership and I called a tow truck.  Unfortunately the tow truck driver couldn’t help me at all.  Fortunately, I found a repair shop that would take a look at the car and got the car towed there.  Unfortunately they are closed on Sundays.  I let my daughter drive back with one of the other party guests and kept my son with me.

Fortunately the tow truck driver dropped us off at Safeway where we called a cab.  Unfortunately we had to wait an hour for it and it cost us $35 to get to the airport.  Fortunately at the airport we could rent a car.  Unfortunately my Visa is maxed from buying teacher stuff and it would not fit.  Fortunately my parents sent their Visa info and I was on the road in a crappy rental car.  Unfortunately the car has no snow tires, apparently they figure all-seasons are good enough for -29C.  We got the car started, and a proceeded to exit the parking lot, following the signs.  Only, the signs stop and there is no sign that says ‘turn left to exit’   *This is the part where I start to cry like a baby*  The rental car gets stuck in a snow drift.  Fortunatley the rental car agent and an airport worker were able to get us going again.

Visibility sucked, the windshield wipers were frozen and I could barely see where I was going.  It was a white-knuckle drive.  About 30-km from Town B traffic came to a halt.  A semi and a tanker truck of some kind had collided.  We had to wait an hour for the road to be cleared.  We got to Town B and stopped for nature break and chocolate bars and then were on the road again.  There were many cars in the ditches.

Finally, about 4.5-hrs after leaving Town C, we are home again.  I go to park my car in my parking stall outside our apartment.  Lo and behold, it’s not been cleared.  The parking lot is a mess.  I notice a little too late and before I know it, the car is stuck again.  OMG. This is the part where I start to laugh hysterically.  I send the kids inside and start trying to dig the car out with my bare hands.  Forunately, some really nice young guys and a young woman helped me and we got the car unstuck.  I went around and tried to park in the visitor parking…and got bloody stuck again.  This is the part where I really start to cry and wish I were back on the Island working at Starbucks.  I get the car unstuck by myself, and decide to drive to the community centre across the street to park until I can figure out what to do.

At the rec center a nice lady offers me a ride back to my apartment.  She was an angel of mercy.  I get upstairs, call my dad.  We discuss that I should ask my neighbors for a shovel and try to dig out my space.  Talking to my neighbors is more terrifying to me than the drive I just went through.  I found a shovel outside and just as I was about to give up (there was a lot more snow than I thought) the lady from the rec center pulled up, with her son!  He shoveled out my space while she took me back to my car.  I’m now parked, plugged in and completely spent.

Now I have to plan for my class for tomorrow, and for a sub on Tuesday, and catch up on all the stuff I was going to to this weekend before all this went down.  I’m supposed to go back to Town B for a Pro-D thing on Tuesday.  My life is sometimes a little too interesting.


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One Response to A Series of Unfortunate Events

  1. mary says:

    Can’t wait to hear about the terrifiying neighbours. If you run out of blog material,just
    knock on their door.

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